XTreme Tire Sales

Vehicle Graphics – Car Wrap Services

If you want graphics on your car, you’ve found the right place to get it done.

Whether you want your car to stand out for personal or business reasons,
we’ll turn your vehicle into a statement. It will get the attention you want!

Do you run a business and want your car to be professionally “Wrapped?”
Give us a call.  Your car, truck, or van can easily be turned into a
Moving Billboard, advertising your business everywhere it goes!

Here’s a tip: Buy an old car or truck that barely runs but still looks decent.
Bring it to us & we’ll dress it up & wrap it in professional graphics so good,
it will turn heads and get your business phone ringing off the hook
everywhere that the vehicle is PARKED!!

(Just make sure you park it where it’s visible to your potential customers, of course)

If you just want to make your personal car look awesome,
vehicle graphics may be just what you need.

Either way – give us a call at 703-622-1777.
Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll help you come up with
a customized plan that works for you.

We’ll even help you design your vehicle graphics so they’re perfect,
then professionally apply them… fast!

By the time you roll out of our shop, your car will turn heads everywhere.


So what are you waiting for? Call Xtreme Tire Sales today for your Vehicle Graphics & car wrapping job!